Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Bachelor: The Hairstyles!

The bachelor combines two of my favourite things: Made in Chelsea and trashy reality TV shows. It stars Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea as "the Bachelor" who is trying to find his perfect women. Each week he eliminaes a candidate during the "rose ceremony" and the show will continue until only one is left and Spencer has found his soulmate. From Last Friday's episode here is my analysis of the hairstyles worn in the Rose Ceremony. (I have already talked about Spencer's hair in my Made in Chelsea part 2 post)

1. Chloe
I do not like Chloe, since the beginning I have found her annoying. Her hair is nice here though, it is curled into messy waves which looks quite good on her.

2. Danielle
 Danielle was fun in the episode, I don't remember noticing her before really. She was picked along with two others by Spencer to go on a hike to a log cabin. Here hike used very loosely because It looked like all they did was walk across one field. She has a sort of messy chic hairstyle here. I like the deep side part on her as well.

3. Brandy
Brandy is one I am yet to decide if I like or not. On one hand she has a ridiculous name which really annoys me, but on the other she does seem quite fun and generally seems to speak her mind more than some of the others. I did not like the hairstyle she wore to the rose ceremony (shown above). Here hair is in a slicked back ponyail. Now I don't really like these ponytail where the hair is pulled back so much it must feel like its pulled your head off because it makes everyone's forehead look massive and shows of the shape of the head a little too much. I think Brandy would look a lot better with some volume in her ponytail instead. She could 'poof' up the front or just back comb all over the get lots of added height.

4. Renay
This hairstyle was interesting and quite cute. Firstly she has backcombed her hair at the top of the head to create some height. Then she has made a ponytail at the side of her head and looped some hair around it to hide the hairtie. The red of the hair is fishtailed and worn over her side. The only weird thing is the position of the ponytail. It might be a bit too high because it makes her hair sort of stick out from the side of her head a bit... But its fine really.

5. Marissa
Marissa is a bit crazy. She is always saying ridiculous things and being loud and in Spencer's own words "She has no off switch".. She's one who Spencer is obviously never going to chose but it kept in because she makes good TV. Despite her personality being mental, it is not reflected in her hair. It is sleek and shiny and kept lose I can't really work out if she has a fringe or just random fringe-like wispy bits at the top of her head.

6. Jess
Jess didn't really feature in the Rose Ceremony. This is literally the only time she appeared so I couldn't really see what she had done with her hair. It looks like it is left down and wavy. I can't really remember much about Jess generally so I don't know if her hair is curly naturally or not. I will obviously have to pay better attention to her in the next episodes.

7. Khloe
I always get confused between Khloe and Brandy because they both have really blonde hair, similar facial shape and similar personalities. Also they both have silly names. Khloe is really orange though which makes me dislike her.

Aisha has not really done anything interesting yet. She seems to be a bit boring. Her hair is boring as well, it is worn in a side parting and then left lose. Its not bad... its just not that interesting. Hopefully in the next few episodes we will see more of her personality.

9. Tabby
Tabby was so annoying in this episode. Two groups of the girls had to face off in a rafting race along a river. Tabby basically got really whiney and refused to keep rowing causing her team to lose. I don't get why she seems to be one of Spencer's favourites. She acted really weird in the rose ceremony though like she didn't even want to 'accept the rose' and stay in the competition. She had here hair is a messy bun/chignon type thing with the head at the front left loose. Her hair is dyed blonde, but the shade I find a little bit too yellow. She gets really ugly looking roots.

10. Helen
I like Helen, she seems down to earth and quite normal compared to the other girls. Also she looks like she could be a hair model for L'Oréal or something. Her hair was so nice and glossy in the final ceremony.

11. Natalia
This was another cute hairstyle. She wears a half-up bun possibly using a hair doughnut because the bun is quite big. She adds glamour to he look by wears a silver headband across the top of her head. 

12. Jeneva

It was not surprising that Jeneva was eliminated. Early in the show her and Spencer had the most awkward conversation. Her head was worn in a kinda cool side bun which you can just see in the picture above.

I seriously doubt any of these girls are going to be spencer's soul-mate. Considering none of the them are like Caggie or Louise (Spencer's main love interests on made in Chelsea). That's not really the point of this show though. We all know, no matter how many times Spencer says that he is looking for a relationship, that he's not and he is just doing the show for more fame and money and after the show he will probably go back to dating Louise. That's fine with us though. We only watch for the entertainment value.


  1. Hi! you've got a unique topic for your blog!
    I think Natalia looks cute with her hairstyle but Aisha's simple hairstyle is nice too.

  2. haha, thank you! Its probably because I'm the only person crazy enough to want to write about people's hairstyles.. =P
    But yes, I'm thinking of trying out Natalia's hairstyle on myself because I like it so much..!! :)

  3. all unique and beautiful hair style collections!!!