Thursday, 5 July 2012

Revenge: The Hairstyles

Revenge: its the non-reality, darker, American revision of Made in Chelsea! Hence why Revenge has become one of my new top shows. Here in the UK we are only about 6 episodes in but I am already really into it. Its an interesting show because the protagonist Emily Thorne is not always likeable, she is closed off and cutting but can fake the perfect rich-girl image whenever she needs to be deceitful  or pry information. This causes an audience to feel split between supporting Emily's revenge campaign and feeling she is just a little bit crazy and goes too far. Revenge is one of those unique shows where characters are not given the "good guy" "bad guy" labels so much as the line between right and wrong is blurred. I would recommend watching it: bringing up the old question of whether two wrongs make a right makes for interesting watching and obviously there is also the fact that they are really rich and beautiful and have amazing houses and lifestyles...etc.. *sigh*

1. Emily Thorne
Emily's hair is a rather bright blonde. It's not platinum its just very yellow, almost a butter yellow. I feel the colour is just a bit too unnatural. Also i can't help but notice her eyebrows look far too dark in comparison. I think she would look better with a less yellow, more ashy blonde colour. I do prefer her with blonde hair to the black hair she had in the flashback scene in episode 1 though. Emily usually has curly hair as shown above. Sometimes she wears it straight but I like it better when its curled

There are a lot of posh upperclass parties and social gatherings in Revenge (I suppose its these that remind me most of Made in Chelsea. Rich people seem to spend all their time at charity events which are basically , as far as I can tell, just an excuse to have a party). Emily often wears her hair in complicated updos when she attends. Sometimes she keeps a centre parting so it is quite plain from the front. I like it better when she pulls her hair back in updos so there is no parting.

2. Nolan Ross
Nolan, what a babe. haha. He's my favourite character. He's got some strange hair going on, but then he's generally a pretty strange person. Although very rich, he is a slight social outcast with few friends. He acts as Emily's accomplice  in the show offering many witty remarks as well as his computer nerd skills. Nolan typically has this massive front fringe slightly swept to the side. The rest of this hair is long, lying just below ear length.This is a bit random, but to me he looks like he could be a blue peter presenter in the 70s or something due to his long hair and quirky fashion sense. Anyway, he is a good example of how someone can be attractive without actually being attractive... if you know what I mean.
I found this awesome blog post about Nolan's fashion sense. It represents exactly why I love Nolan. :)

3. Victoria Grayson
 Victoria is the leader of the Hamptons social scene. She is portrayed as a bit of a bitch and control freak, but she also has a softer side. Whether you like her or not (not in my case) she could not be described as completely evil. Her hair is in a classic elegant style. It reminds me of Kate Middletons hair as its long, and the same rich brown colour with a slight curl at the bottom. Like Emily she often wears her hair up at all the charity party event things.

4. Declan Porter
I like Declan. He's annoyingly immature and naive at times but compared to the rest of the characters he is very real and honest about his feelings. I'm including him because he's got quite interesting hair, it makes him look like he could be the 6th member of One Direction. Its long and wavy, and I guess sometimes gelled into a specific crazy mess. Yeah, its different every time he comes on. While his hair is a bit of an elegant mess, I do like it and its waaaay better than his brother Jack's hair.

Revenge is a show about money and social standing as well as just 'seeking revenge'. The members of Victoria's clan all want to be seen as rich and elegant with expensive tastes.This is reflected in the hairstyles. They have shiny perfect hair styled exactly into complicated styles without a hair out of place. In contrast, characters such as nolan, Declan and Jack who are not part of the Hamptons social scene have more messy, less polished, laid-back styles.

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