Tuesday, 3 July 2012

One Direction: The Hairstyles!

When they first became a band on the Xfactor 2010 they were described as "five Justin Biebers". I can see where that came from as as well as being cute and innocent looking, the majority of them also had that side swept long hair thing made famous by JB.

1. Harry Styles
Probably the most well known member of One Direction due to his, er, affairs with older women. He also has the most well known hairstyle, unruly long messy 'mop-head' curls. Its a style that was popular with Indie bands back in the 2000s, for example, Harry reminds me a lot of Luke the Kook. (Luke Pritchard from the Kooks). Fashion-wise as well, Harry dresses similar in style to Indie bands like the Kooks.

2. Zayn Malik
  My favourite member, woop. Only due to the fact he has the best hair but whatever. I guess he has the male version of the hair by courtney rumbold in stooshe. The sides are shaved and he hair in the middle left long. Zayn then has the hair in he middle gelled up at the front. He has moved away from the original Justin Beiber style, however since justin had his new hair cut in 2012, they actually have the same cut now. Zayn's is better though.

3. Liam Payne

Liam looks like a country farmer in this picture, haha. He has similar hair to harry, unruly messy long waves. In some pictures I have seen, he has straightened his hair. He looks scarily like Jusin Beiber when he has straight hair..!

4. Niall Horan
 Yay, its the blonde of the group. His hair is dyed though so don't get too excited. (At least it looks dyed, I think he must have dark-ish blonde brown hair naturally). To me, he never really seems to fit into the group, even after being famous for like 2 years, he still looks really normal like they've just picked him up off the street.  He often has the sideswept look as show above, or sometimes he gels up his hair in the middle to get a weird sort of pointy top or just some added height.

5. Louis Tomlinson
 Louis gets the prize for the biggest swept fringe. It practically starts at one ear and finishes at the other. I don't really like his hair worn in such a deep part. It looks a bit weird, at times his fringe is like a wave flowing across the top of his head from his left to right. But apart from that his hair is alright, i guess.

So all the One Direction hairstyles are quite high maintenance looks, there is a lot of hair gel and/or hair straighteners in use. It helps give them a together band image, which I guess is the whole point.. :)

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