Saturday, 7 July 2012

Jennifer Lawrence: Hair for the Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence has just starred as Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games'. She went through a pretty drastic change to become Katniss in the films, so much so that I did not even recognize her as the star of the hunger games when I saw a picture of her. Even now, I think it is very hard to recognize her as Katniss. Naturally Jennifer has blonde hair,  in photos she looks like she could be a Disney star like Ashley Tisdale or Hilary duff with her long blonde-bombshell hair and her sunny happy smile. However, as Katniss, she looks completely different. For the film her hair was dyed a dark rich brown as Katniss in the book is described on many occasions of having  long dark brown hair. I know there was a lot of questions about Jennifer playing Katniss because of her blonde hair but she looks very realist as a brunette in the films. In real life, I'm not as sure. I found a few pictures of her with brown hair and I think she definitely looks better as a blonde

I've read a few articles about how in order to chose the right shade of brown they rented a number of wigs of slightly different shades to find the best colour for her. What a great way to chose a new hair colour, it did apparently cost $28,300 though..! Read the article here!

The styles she wears in the films have become quite famous, the diagonal dutch braid she wears for most of the film (pictured above) is now being called "the Katniss braid". There are many tutorials for all the different styles in the hunger games. Here are my favourites: Classic Katniss Braid and  Reaping Braids

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