Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hair Treatment Reviews: Egg hair mask

I like using home-made hair masks, made from the everyday ingredients found in my kitchen. I discovered do-it-yourself hair treatments earlier this year and became really interested in them. Last night I did a strengthening egg hair mask. The main reason I did this was because the ends of my hair were beginning to look a little damaged and I hoped the mask would add some moisture and shine back into my ends and generally make them look more healthy. I had read a few different recipes on the internet and adapted some of them to come up with my own:
 I took 1 egg and cracked it into bowl and whisked the yolk and white together. I added a spoon of olive oil and a spoon of honey and mixed them all together. The resulting mixture looks like an eggy gloop. It doesn't smell bad though, I could only smell the strong scent of the olive oil.

As I wanted to work on my ends only, I applied the mixture just to my ends by dipping them into the mixture and using my hands to work it into the hair (its helps to dampen your hair first). If you want overall treatment then you can work the mixture into all of your hair applying to the scalp and the ends.
Next I tied my hair up on the top of my head and covered my hair with a plastic bag and then a towel. This step can be quite annoying because the mixture starts running down your face and dripping onto the floor. My only tip is to be wrap your hair up as fast as possible so it doesn't drip as much. You'll look slightly ridiculous but its fine, just go with it. You want to have it tied up like this to give the mixture time to soak into your hair or whatever. Leave this for about 30 minutes before washing the mixture off. I usually then just let my hair dry naturally.

So, does it work? Well, I've found the results vary, but usually for me, my hair feels a lot a lot nicer to touch after a treatment: it feels a lot silkier and shinier. I couldn't say if it was actually healthier though. Sometimes I've found its a bit too greasy the next day, I usually re-wash my hair when that happens. Today my ends feel really good. Also, interestingly, they were much more easy to braid this morning, more manageable and less frizzy than usual. I actually like just using the treatment on the ends, it is easier to do and it means that your roots won't feel greasy the next day.
But try it out for yourself. Its actually quite fun to do and you'll (hopefully) get really nice silky hair without having to buy some expensive commercial hair mask.I am going to carry on experimenting, I'll try to do some more reviews of any new combinations that I try.

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