Monday, 16 July 2012

7 Hair Trends to try before you die

This post is about an article I read titled '7 Hair Trends to try before you die'. I was interested to find out how many I had tried myself. As it turns out not very many. I slightly disagreed with the inclusion of some of the trends, here is my take on the styles!

1. Bangs (a fringe)
 Technically, this is one I can tick of as I had a fringe when I was about 5 years old. Since then I have not had a fringe again, however I am definitely considering having a side fringe put in sometime soon. I've always hated having the hair at the front of my head in my face so a fringe might be a good solution to this...
 I agree with one, I think everyone should at least try out having a fringe at some point. Full fringes don't suit everyone but side fringes seem to suit most face types. The photo is of Haley from One Tree Hill. Its the episode from season 4 where they all go the the Honey Grove prom. I really loved this fringe on her.

2. A bob
 I have never had a bob, its something that I would like to try though. I've always loved 20s style and the bob was the cut that all the rebellious women in the 20s got. However I like having long hair so I imagine after the novelty of having short hair has worn off it would be frustrating as I would have to wait ages until I could braid my hair again. The photo is Caroline from the vampire diaries in the episode where they host a 20s theme ball. I like bobs when the hair is kept slightly wavy like this.

3. Red Hair
Again, I've never had red hair, however I'm pretty confident in saying this is one I'm never going to do. I have nothing against red hair, I really like natural red hair in fact like on Nicola from Girls Aloud. However, dyed red hair never seems to look as good. So many people go for that fake icky red tone which is shown in the photo above of Cheryl Cole. Also I disagree that everyone should try red hair, I think maybe everyone should try going a different colour to their own natural hair colour, but I don't think it has to be necessary red.

4. Pixie Cut
 This is one I'm probably never going to do because I love long hair so much. Getting a bob would be the shortest I'd be prepared to go. I think if I ever got a pixie cut I would look like a 12 year boy. Also there is the fact that growing out a pixie is a lot more difficult than growing out any other hair cut. You get to that awful in between stage where you look like a shaggy dog. It is a really good look on some people though.  The picture is of Emma Watson who finally was allowed to cut her hair after finishing the Harry Potter movies.

5. Extensions

Although its called extensions I assume this one just means having really long hair. Which I have done as when I was about 10 years old my hair was about hip length.My hair is actually pretty long now as well. If it is possible then you should really grow your hair long yourself, however hair extensions are a good option for people whose hair doesn't want to grow long naturally. Hair extensions are also good if you have thin hair because they can add a lot of volume.

6. Streaks
 As in putting crazy streaks of pinks and blues and purples into your hair. I guess this includes things like dip dying and ombre style hair as well. I'm temped to try dip dying as I've always thought that looks pretty cool.

7. Donate
This was an odd one. Apparently donating your hair to charity is a big hair trend...? Obviously if you want to have a drastic haircut then go for it and donate the hair, but It's not something I would grow my hair especially for.. There are some amazing charities though that want hair donations so anyone who is interested it would be a great thing to do.

So I managed 2/7. How pathetic!!! I am obviously too boring with my choice of hairstyles at the moment..!!
How many of the trends have you tried? Let me know in the comments! :)

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