Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cherry Healey: Hairstyles

Cherry Healey is a television presenter. She makes various documentaries about lifestyle and body image. My friends and I watch all her documentaries because there are usually quite hilarious. Recently, for example, she's been to a nudist convention, a bondage club and gotten a tattoo. Cherry usually tries to represent an average viewers opinion although at times this results in her being irritatingly neutral.  While they are not groundbreaking, they are still lighthearted and fun.
 At the moment her series 'how to get a life' is being shown on BBC 3 if you live in UK.  Some of her past documentaries have been put on youtube. Here is 'Is breast best'.  Its definitely worth a watch. :)
haha, anyway, Cherry always seems to have different hairstyles on her shows. Here are some of the best of the "Cherry Healey" styles.

Cherry's Hair
As the picture shows, Cherry's hair isn't that long, its just past her shoulders... maybe APL length..? It is dyed blonde as she usually has noticeable roots showing. She doesn't often wear in down actually, most of the pictures of her are where she has her hair up. In this photo her hair is swept over in a side parting. I think she usually has a centre parting when she wears her hair down though.

Messy Bun
This must be a favourite of hers because she is always wearing her hair in a messy high bun. It looks really nice on her.All her hair is swept back and then pinned up onto the top of her head. She has a bit of volume in the hair at the top as it looks 'poofed' up a little.

Another style I have seen her wearing is these french braids going back on both sides into a bun at the back. The braids are also kept messy. Its a nice summer styles for her, I think she would also looks good if she extended her braids into a full crown braid.

I'm going to finish with a fun 'Spotted'!. While watching her last show I spotted this person who has amazing hair! Its a halfro and cornrows!!! Amazing! Haha enjoy:

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