Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Made in Chelsea: Hairstyles (Update)

Last year I did a hair review of the characters on my most favourite tv show ever - Made in Chelsea. Since then, characters have come and gone and there have been a few major hairstyles changes so I thought I would do an update. To see my old hair reviews click the following links: part 1 (the girls) , part 2 (the boys)

Francis Boulle

Not sure how I managed to leave Boulle out of my old made in chelsea reviews. He is my favourite character on made in chelsea I think. He was so adorable in series 4 with his relationship with Sophia - (WHY DID SHE LEEEAVE!). I like his awkward sense of humour and his so uncool it becomes cool style. haha. It is joked on the show about him being Ginger however his hair is not really that orange. In bright light it is a copper brown in colour but usually it just looks like a rich brown colour. He has a slight receding hairline although by keeping his hair longer it hides it a bit. His is hair is either just sort of messy or combed over to one side.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Taylor Swift: Hairstyles

Taylor swift has had many different hairstyles over her music career, I thought I'd do a bit of research into her main styles:

Curly Taylor!

Taylor was more frequently seen with curly hair in her early career. Apparently her hair is naturally curly but she often emphases her natural curls by using hair curlers. She has had hairstyles ranging from very tight ringlets to loose waves. The curls give her a romantic look especially combined with her blonde hair, fairytale looks and girly fashion. The album covers of all her first album (taylor swift until speak now) feature her with curly hair. When she has curly hair she wears her hair either parted in the centre or to the side sometimes with side sweeping bangs.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Naked Blonder Lightening Shampoo/Conditioner: Product Review

Recently I ran out of my last shampoo product - the John Frieda: Go Blonder shampoo. I really loved this shampoo, maybe more for its vibrant yellow colour and pleasant smell than the effects of its colour lightening (read detailed review here) however I have decided to try a different shampoo this time.

The shampoo that I chose was the Naked Blonder Lightening Shampoo. I was interested in this brand because the products are 97% natural ingredients and do not contain harsh detergents including sulfates. I've heard from various hair guru's and website that sulfates are EVIL so I was interested to see if I noticed any difference from a more natural shampoo. Now obviously I have a slight obsession with making my hair more blonde which is why I went for the lightening shampoo from their range. There are many different types of shampoo that they do though including strengthening, curl defining, anti-dandruff, colour protect.. etc. (see here). This time I also bought the matching conditioner. I never used to really use conditioners however I have since read that using shampoo without conditioner can be damaging to your hair so I have resolved to try using a conditioner again.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

University and Hair

Hey readers! So I think I mentioned in my last post that I was starting University. Since then I have taken a small break from my blog which i am sorry for. I have had literally no time to even think about writing new blog posts. University is so fun but very busy and I've found I don't get a lot of time to myself. I am back from University at the moment for the christmas holidays so I've finally got chance to update my blog.

Okay so University has taught me a lot. Fresher's week taught me for example that it takes at least 3 washes to get powder paint from a UV party out of your hair and that brushing your hair in the morning is not a necessity for people who've only had 2 hours sleep and have to drag themselves up to go to lectures. From experience I've found that even though you know that teasing you hair for a night out and using a load of hairspray will result in your hair being one massive tangle the next day you will still carry on doing it anyway.

University life has also given me a different view of dry shampoo. While I still stand by my orginal coments in this post, I have found a new very important use for dry shampoo: You've been on a night out and haven't had chance to shower the next morning due to lack of sleep and having to get ready in about 5 minutes. Your hair is a greasy mess covered in sweat and grime form whatever club you have been in and possibly with vodka and lemonade split over it. The only way to look presentable is through the use of dry shampoo. So much so that I have run out of the original can that I bought and needed to buy some more. If like me, you party a little bit too much then dry shampoo becomes a saviour!

This next year I have made it my new years resolution to update my blog more regularly. Look forward to new posts!!

Jen xxx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Updates n Stuff

So I just updated my post about Justin Beiber vs Liam from One Direction hairstyles. This is because I was watching their new music video Live While We're Young (because I am like always update with my 1D music.. ) and I noticed there had been some changes in their hairstyles since that post. Yeah so if you want to read the update you can read the post HERE!

My other news is that I've just reached over 10,000 total page views which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks to anyone who reads my posts.
 I love reading other people's blogs so If anyone has a blog they would like me to check out just leave a link in a comment and I will take a glance!

I'm starting university next week so I'm not sure when my next proper post will be, I've got a few things drafted that I just need to finish off  before I post them so check out for them coming soon. Thanks guuuuys! :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

John Frieda: Go Blonder Products Review

I've been using some of the John Frieda Go Blonder products for a while now so I thought I would review them for you.
So this is the John Frieda go Blonder spray. It comes in a small bottle as shown in the picture. The spray contains hydrogen peroxide which works like a hair bleach I guess to lighten your hair. You spray it all over damp hair and then apply heat - Thats it. The heat can be from a hair dryer or a hair straightener or both. I've heard the more heat you use the better the results. The spray very easy to use and smells nice when you spray it into your hair.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Exciting times! I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by Emily from Echo-Sierra:  http://echo-sierra.blogspot.co.uk/ (see this post)
From what I have been able to find out, the Liebster Blog award is given to people with blogs of less than 200 followers in order to help them gain recognition and increase their following. Each recipients then tags another load of people to carry on the chain.
 It works like this. First I post 11 facts about myself, then I answer the questions set for me by Emily and then I write my own questions for the people I tag!