Friday, 21 September 2012

Updates n Stuff

So I just updated my post about Justin Beiber vs Liam from One Direction hairstyles. This is because I was watching their new music video Live While We're Young (because I am like always update with my 1D music.. ) and I noticed there had been some changes in their hairstyles since that post. Yeah so if you want to read the update you can read the post HERE!

My other news is that I've just reached over 10,000 total page views which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks to anyone who reads my posts.
 I love reading other people's blogs so If anyone has a blog they would like me to check out just leave a link in a comment and I will take a glance!

I'm starting university next week so I'm not sure when my next proper post will be, I've got a few things drafted that I just need to finish off  before I post them so check out for them coming soon. Thanks guuuuys! :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

John Frieda: Go Blonder Products Review

I've been using some of the John Frieda Go Blonder products for a while now so I thought I would review them for you.
So this is the John Frieda go Blonder spray. It comes in a small bottle as shown in the picture. The spray contains hydrogen peroxide which works like a hair bleach I guess to lighten your hair. You spray it all over damp hair and then apply heat - Thats it. The heat can be from a hair dryer or a hair straightener or both. I've heard the more heat you use the better the results. The spray very easy to use and smells nice when you spray it into your hair.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Exciting times! I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by Emily from Echo-Sierra: (see this post)
From what I have been able to find out, the Liebster Blog award is given to people with blogs of less than 200 followers in order to help them gain recognition and increase their following. Each recipients then tags another load of people to carry on the chain.
 It works like this. First I post 11 facts about myself, then I answer the questions set for me by Emily and then I write my own questions for the people I tag!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Great British Bake Off: The Hair off

I love the Great British Bake Off. Its a reality TV contest show about BAKING. The best thing about this show is how it doesn't take itself too seriously. The reason I stopped watching shows like The X factor was because how they make it feel like whether a contestant gets through or not is a matter of life and death. Also its full of annoying sob stories and dramatic over the top music. The great British bake off however lightens the mood and gives an altogether more laid back vibe with witty humour, hilarious baking mishaps ('oh no I put salt in instead of sugar'"), quirky contestants and random cut scenes of mallard ducks and squirrels. If anyone is getting too stressed they like to send over presenters Mel and Sue to have a bit of a laugh with them and mock the other contestants to chill them out.
Review of Last nights episode

Now onto the Hair.
Sue Perkins
Along with co-presnter Mel Giedroyc, Sue is pretty much the star of the great British bake-off. (incidentally Mel is not in this article due the the fact she was not in last nights episode for whatever reason... soz) They are funny, entertaining and always show the contestants that there is something to smile about no matter how bad their tarte tatin is.  Sue has a pixie hair cut and has done for the majority of her career. Its slightly stereotypical for a gay woman to have short hair but I actually really like it on her.

Monday, 3 September 2012

How to: Braided headband

This is a cute hairstyle for those times when you want to do something interesting with your hair but still wear it down. It also gets the hair at the front of your head out your face. Its basically an adaption of a braided fringe or bangs. I've always had issues with doing a braided fringe because after you've braided as far as you want to go you always have to pull the braid round your head and pin into place. I find this quite uncomfortable to wear and it often falls out. This is a much better way to get a similar look that holds better and also looks better (in my opinion)

To start with you probably want to have a centre part and nice clean hair. If you must have a different part then you can change this later but really because the braid goes across the top of the head the exact part becomes less important. Next step is to make a circular part all the way around the head. The hair left should be a thin section around the outside of the head. The hair in the middle can be tied back and then put into a quick bun to get it out the way:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Festival Hairstyles

Having just been to a music festival, I thought I would give you some ideas for what hairstyles are suited for festivals!
For the first day or two I found my hair was fine to be left down and lose and usual. However by day three my hair began to feel a little bit greasy and even with some dry shampoo it felt unclean and nasty. I found that braiding hair is a good way to have hair out the way but still look nice. There is an added bonus when you are at a festival that you can pretty much braid as badly and messily as you want and it will still look alright. Any sort of braided style will work but you will probably want to keep the braid simple so it requires only a few hair elastics and hair pins making it easier to do when your sat in a tent with only a small hand mirror. Here are some braided suggestions: