Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stooshe: Hairstyles

 Stooshe are a new girl band who have become known for their wacky fashion sense and hairstyles. In their first two music videos they have been sporting some really cool vintage styles which I am going to talk about in this post!

The first major song Stooshe released was called 'Love me'. These photos shows some of the hairstyles worn in the video. On the left Courtney Rumbold has her hair in an edgy style with both sides shaved and the hair in the middle kept long. It is then swirled up into a loop and fixed on the top of her head. On the right Karis Anderson has her hair in Victory rolls: a style that was popular in the 40s. She has 2 symmetric rolls on both sides of her head and also a full front fringe. I really like these hairstyles, they are like a new fun take on a classic vintage style

'Black Heart' was the second song they released. I didn't like it at first but it has really grown on me. Courtney had the most interesting hairstyle in the video. This time her hair was pink and curled into waves which covered one side of her head. Courtney has a very brave style, I think you would have to be pretty daring and confident to copy it yourself.  However, is become popular recently with stars such as Rihanna also having partial shaved styles.

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