Friday, 6 July 2012

Disney Princess Hair: Part 1

I've decided to start a new series about Disney Princess hair. I'm going to go through the main and possibly also supporting character's hair in some of the most popular  Disney movies. In part 1 I will do some of the classics: Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, snow white and Beauty and the beast. I do feel a little ridiculous talking about in such depth the hair of fictional Disney characters... but oh well... Its all good fun right

1. Cinderella
Cinderella has bright, bright, bright yellow hair. For a princess her hair is surprisingly short, only just reaching her shoulders. She also has a full front fringe. At first the fact that she has this massive 40s/50s pin up girl style fringe does seem a bit weird. But then maybe its not that odd, Cinderalla was made in 1950 so this style was still in fashion at the time.

 There are some other references to the 40s that I have noticed. During the Cinderella servant working scenes she looks quite a lot like a land girl. She wears a head scarf with her hair tied back and her pin-up girl fringe at the front. This combined with her dowdy clothes, apron and sweeping brush make her look really quite similar to the 40s land girls.
In the famous ballgown scene she wears her hair in a fancy updo with a blue hair band and still her massive fringe at the front. She has her hair pulled up to form a sort of round poof at the back to give the style extra height.

2.  Aurora - Sleeping Beauty
Aurora actually has very similar hair to Cinderella, however her hair is less yellow, longer and her fringe is a little more normal. So yeah I do prefer Aurora's hair. For the majority of Sleeping beauty her hair is kept the same. Left down and long with slight curl at the bottom. Even in the final ball-dance scene her hair is kept the same. I suppose the contrast with Cinderella is that sleeping beauty doesn't center around Aurora, I mean she is asleep for a large amount. She doesn't have the 'rag to riches' thing that Cinderella has either so there is no need for a drastic hair change.

3. Snow White
I'm not a big fan of snow white. Its one of the creepier Disney movies. Its very dark for a children's film and there is a lot more references to death than Disney usual go for. The Queen is absolutely terrifying and the dwarfs really creep me out. Having said that, Snow White does have cute hair. I like the wavy black bob, although again it is not what is usually expected of  a Disney princess. Her hair is kept exactly the same the whole way through. Although, before running away to the woods she wears a blue hair ribbon which is then changed to a red ribbon for the rest of the film. Woo.! I feel slightly sorry for her though, because out of all the Disney princess I'm talking about on this post, she's the only one without a ball-gown scene.. :(

4. Belle - Beauty and the beast
I love belle, and this film. It was one of my favourites as a child. Belle has quite long hair, its thick and a rich brown colour. In the home scenes as shown above she wears her hair in a casual loose style. She has a blue ribbon and her hair is almost pulled back without an obvious parting. I assume it would be parted down the middle though.
In her ball-gown scene she has a half-up style. Part of her hair is pulled up into a bun and some sort of hair piece ribbon thing is wrapped around it. I like how this style is like a more elegant version of her usual loose ponytail.
I know there are many people who believe the beast looks better as a beast rather than when he changes to a man. I am sort of one of them because there is such a build up to him changing back to a man, when he finally does I always feel a bit disappointed.  Also is it just me, or does human beast look EXACTLY like guybrush threepwood in the first monkey island computer game?Actually this is making him more attractive to me... haha (I actually couldn't find a good photo of Guybrush to illustrate this. He does though... well sort of)
Contrary to popular belief (well my belief) the early Disney princesses did not tend to have long stereotypical princess hair. Snow white has a short bob, Cinderella has shoulder length hair and Belle's hair is only just past shoulder length. However, its still Disney so everyone's hair is glossy and perfect. I have also noticed, hairband and hair accessories seem to be popular in all of these films. There is a large amount of ribbons used, I suppose this helps to make them look youthful and maidenly... or whatever. 

The next one of these Disney Princess hairstyle thiiings I will do in a little while. I will probably do The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas etc. or something along those lines.. yay, excitement!

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