Sunday, 1 July 2012

Made in Chelsea Hairstyles: The Boys

Okay here is part two of my review of the hairstyles from Made in Chelsea: the boys!
(To see part one of my review click here.)

1. Spencer Matthews

We all remember Spencer's hilarious haircut from season one: long slicked back hair combined with some scary facial hair. Luckily, he had his hair cut before the start of season two. Since then, Spencer tends to wear his hair spiked up at the front à la Jedward (although admittedly his hair does not have the same height as Jedward's).

2. Ollie Locke 
Ah Ollie. In season two when he is told about the existence of some Ollie look-a likes his first comment is "did they have better hair?!". Haha. He obviously loves his hair. He has grown it very long, past his shoulders and usually wears it loose. Occasionally in awkward situations we get to see some classic hands running through hair.and/or hair flicking.

3. Jamie Laing 
Jamie Laing, everyone's favorite boy on Made in Chelsea! His dyed blonde hair is a constant joke on the show, earning him various nicknames such as 'the peroxide devil' . In interviews he likes to claim he doesn't dye his hair (which obviously no-one believes). I think he must have had blonde hair as a child which has darkened as he has grown older. His hair is probably a dark-ish blonde naturally (maybe same colour as Proudlock's hair..?)

4. Richard Dinan
Bleugh. I dislike Richards hair. Its a really annoying length. It kind of reminds me of some sort of Shakespearean hair, which is good if you appearing in a performance of The Merchant of Venice but not so good as an everyday look. 

5. Fredrik Ferrier
 Fred is a model, so I suppose his hair must be right on trend. The long curls do help to soften his quite hard face and make him look almost angelic. Out of all the boys with long hair on the show, his is my favorite. However, its still weird when we see him wearing his hair in a ballet bun.

In Chelsea it seems that long hair is popular with the male cast, also a large amount of the male cast seem to have blonde hair. Sicked back or gelled up styles are also popular for example like Spencer shown above but also like Hugo and Mark Francis.

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