Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Okay so I've done another hair mask. This time I decided to do a Mayonnaise hair mask. I'd heard good things about Mayonnaise hair masks. Mayonnaise contains eggs and oils and stuff so the effects are meant to be similar to egg hair masks: it is supposed to strengthen hair and make it shinier and less frizzy.
In my hair mask I decided to put mayonnaise and honey. From what I've read you can add many different things into your mayonnaise such as avocado or banana or olive oil. I decided on honey because I've used it many times before and I had a lot left to use up. I mixed 2 spoons of Mayonnaise with 1 spoon of honey. This resulted in a slightly yellowy mixture with about the same consistency as hair conditioner. It didn't smell great though.

This mixture was really easy to apply. It was thick enough to scoop it up with my hands and apply to my hair in the same way you would with a hair conditioner. This was the best thing about this treatment. So many other treatments I've done have been really messy. They have been much thinner so I've had to pour them over my head resulting in them dripping everywhere. This one is really great.
So I did the same method as with my egg hair mask. Dampened my hair, applied the mask covered it with a plastic wrap and left it for about an hour before washing off. The effect was pretty much the same as the egg hair mask. I preferred this one though, only due to the fact it is much easier to apply.

Here is a good post about Mayonnaise hair masks!

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