Monday, 9 July 2012

One Direction (part II) : Liam vs Justin Beiber

This is an update to my post about the hairstyles of One Direction.
Just found this article on (one of my favorite celebrity gossip blogs) about how Justin Bieber has stated that Liam from One direction "copied his hair". HAHAHA. hillariouss

Some people have commented saying Liam "had the hairstyle first" because he auditioned for the xfactor before JB became famous. I went to look at this and its true, he  had the ridiculous haircut when he was 14 in 2008.  Picture above shows Liam auditioning for the Xfactor 2008 and Justin Bieber in 2009. I don't think we can really say Justin copied Liam though, I guess they both independently stumbled upon this haircut that "made young girls swoon".
 Another point is that when liam has curly hair he doesn't look like Justin Bebier, instead he looks like a country farmer. So yeah, its nice that he has 2 looks.

Well that was all this post was really meant to be about. I just saw the article and Lol'ed because of how I'd just wrote about Liam looking freakishly like JB. I wonder if Justin realises though, now he has the same cut as another 1D member - Zayn....

UPDATE: 21/09/2012
omg breaking news, Liam has got a new haircut. I know, its just so exciting. I noticed in the video for One Directions new song (live while we're young) that he has changed his hairstyle.He's got rid of the Justin Bebier fringe and has had his hair cut much shorter. He's got the side's cut shorter than the hair at the top which is gelled up at the front. Ironically this change of hairstyle means he now has the same style as Zayn and the same as Justin Bebier's current hairstyle. Its all getting a bit confusing really. I think we can say he pretty much copied Justin this time though. Also spotted in the music video, Zayn has got a, er, interesting blonde streak in his fringe bit that he gels up...  Crazy crazy crazy.
Incidentally, the new 1D song which I was watching sounds exactly like all there other songs. Apparently it uses the same chord pattern as their song One Thing. The video is like the same as well. Its got all of them stood/sat together in various places singing/doing weird dance moves/pretending to be lads at a music festival. Obvs all the fans think its awesome though. *eye roll*

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