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Snog Marry Avoid 9/07/12

Alright, so I just watched Snog, Marry Avoid. The show that takes people with atrocious fashion sense and then"makes them under" in an attempt to stop 'fakery' on the streets on Britian. Here fakery meaning fake tan, fake nails, fake hair extensions, masses of makeup, tacky jewellery and general bad fashion sense. I was literally spoiled for choice for bad hairstyles to mock so here goes!

Hair Extensions.
The episode I watched had a feature on hair extensions. This episode was based in Cardiff. Apparently Cardiff is the British capital for hair extensions. Who knew. According to the show everyone in Cardiff wears them. The shows presenter Ellie, was sent on a mission to try out hair extensions. The critical POD (Personal Overhaul Device) that is responsible for the transformations, warned Ellie not to become attached to her fake hair extensions because you know, hair extensions are just so EVIL. Anyway, so this is what Ellie looked like before hand.

Her hair is about APL length and she has some longish layers at the front. She is wearing her hair in a deep side part and she has teased the hair at the crown as she has a lot of volume at the top of her head. I think her hair is quite nice, maybe her side parting should be less deep and slightly more central but yeah its quite nice. The next picture shows her with the hair extensions.

So POD thought they looked awful which I thought was a bit unfair. Firstly its very hard to tell that shes wearing hair extensions because they blend well into her hair. Also, unlike most of the people on the show who had hair extensions, hers are not stupidly long. They are a good length and look quite nice really. She said that she really liked them, I suppose partly this is because of the novelty of having long hair. She did say that they hurt her head quite a bit. From reviews I have heard, hair extensions are usually quite heavy on the head and are uncomfortable after wearing them for a while. Honestly my view is that hair extensions are for people who are just too lazy to wait for their hair to grow that long naturally. I think they are good for a one off, or if you want to know how you look with long hair. But yeah, not as an everyday look.

Tess and Nina
The first make under of the show was for sisters Tess and Nina who are basically twin barbie dolls (I'm not making this up, that is exactly how they described themselves). 
I think probably the worst thing about their look was the large amount of ugly pink blusher they used on their cheeks.They do not look real, like they really could be made of plastic. Also if you still need convincing on the awfulness of crazy long hair extensions...
ARGHGHG! Looks like they are wearing a MASSIVE blonde wig. That is just far too much hair..for anyone. It must be so heavy. They are made to take them out at one point on the show and the amount of extensions they have is crazy. At the ends they accumulate a whole heap of blonde hair.
So then they are given the make under and they look like completely different people...
THEY LOOK SO NORMAL!! seriously different people right.  Nice fishtail braid as well on the one on the left. :)The depressing thing is, at the end of the show they re-interview them about how they found the experience and both of them have gone back to their original look. *sigh*

The second make under was on 19 year old Ryan. He had a love for fake tan, purple hair and real fur coats. I found it amusing that for the whole show POD had been going on the importance of keeping everything real and avoiding fakery but then gave Ryan a lecture about how horrible it was to wear real fur coats. Slight contradiction there..? This is Ryan before:
He is described on many times as looking like a girl. Which I guess he sort of does. They did a hilarious interview with his mum who was just like "yeah he looks awful". haha. However, I don't think his hair is too bad. The purple is obviously a loud statement but its quite fun and its a nice shade of purple. The worst thing about him is how orange he is. (I'm really not a fan of fake-tan. I don't think I'll ever understand the attraction of being orange...)

This is Ryan after. Again, doesn't he look so normal..!?! Its nice to see all the fake tan gone. Unlike Tess and Nina he seemed by the end of he show to have kept his look having exchanged his real fur coats for a granddad Cardigan. Yeah Cardigans!!!

Best Comedy moment
They also did some random interviews with people from the streets of Cardiff. Here was my favourite one:
POD:"Is this the normal look for men in Wales?" Answer: "Maybe a bit more fake tan"
Is it bad that I found watching Snog, Marry or Avoid really hilarious and entertaining..? I must have the worst taste in television programmes ever.
I loved it, everyone on the show was so weird!!! The tone of the show is kept very light-hearted, the people never seem that offended when POD tells them how awful they look. The best quote was: "POD would like know, how much does it cost to look this cheap". Lolz. What a show.

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