Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nicola Roberts: Hairstyles

In 2003 Nicola Robert took part in the TV show Popstars: the rivals. She ended up winning the show to become a member of the girls group 'Girls Aloud'. Since then she has been in the public eye as much about her striking appearance as her music. She was always my favourite member of Girl's Aloud, and shes got amazing hair so here are her most famous hairstyles!

1.  Natural Ginger
Nicola was only 16 when she auditioned for Popstars. Her hair was long and her natural ginger colour. It was kept in a simple style. I suppose it might be straightened in this photo.

2. Brown
The first major change in her hair colour was when she dyed it brown in around 2004. This was around the time she became insecure about her looks and started using fake tan in an attempt to fit in with her tanned band-mates and move away from the young pale ginger label. 

3. Blonde
 In around 2007 Nicola dyed her hair blonde.This was when she started to accept her looks, she did a documentary in 'the passions of girls aloud' where she made her own foundation for pale skin. Her makeup range Dainty Doll was born.

4. Ginger Bob
She went back ginger with this edgy bob in 2008. Its quite a change from her previous styles but looks really nice.This is one of my favourite hairstyles from her.

5.  Blonde ends
Nicola released her own album 'Cinderella Eyes' in 2011 with her first song being called 'Beat of my Drum'. Around this time she grew her hair long again and dyed the ends blonde in an ombre style. 

Nicola is one of those lucky people who look good with almost all brown, blonde and ginger shades. Personally I really like her with dark blonde hair because it makes her look more vibrant without being too bright. However, her best hair colour is her natural red hair, she really is lucky to have such an unusual but beautiful hair colour.

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