Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Big Bang Theory: Penny (Kaley Cuoco) Hairstyles

Kaley Cuoco is one of my favorite actresses. I watched her when she was in 8 simple rules and more recently in The Big Bang Theory where she plays 'Penny'. In the 5 seasons of the Big Bang Theory, Penny has many different haircuts, in this post I will go through all the different 'Penny hairstyles'! yayness.

Season 1

Here we first meet Penny. She is originally shown to be a stereotypical "dumb blonde" compared to the highly intelligent Leonard and Sheldon. However as the show progresses we see how Penny, in fact, is smart, witty and confident. In some episodes in season 1 Penny has a side fringe and long choppy layers. In others she has a full front fringe and shorter shoulder length hair. When she has a fuller fringe she looks a lot "cuter", personally I prefer the hair she has in later seasons.

Season 2 / 3
 In season 2 and 3, Penny grows out her fringe. Her hair is a medium length with a centre parting and she keeps the choppy layers. Her shortest layers lie above her chin as she grows out her fringe.

Season 4 /5 
In the later seasons, Penny grows her hair longer with the shortest layers now below her chin. She lets her blonde dyed hair grow out slightly so she has a large section of dark blonde/brown hair at the top of her head and lighter blonde at the ends. This style is often called "Ombre hair".

Other Penny Styles
Penny also wears a her hair in a variety of different styles throughout all the seasons. For example a high ponytail when she works at the cheesecake factory and a messy bun when she is lounging around in her apartment. She also wears a lot of cute half-up styles.

The best way to copy "The Penny" is to 'poof' up the front of your hair or back comb to create volume at the crown. Styles are usually left messy and informal.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Made in Chelsea Hairstyles: The Girls

I love Made in Chelsea a ridiculous amount. I am completely addicted. Since I watch it so much I thought I would do some reviews of the hairstyles in the show. Here is part one: the girls!

(To read Part 2: the Boys click here!)

1. Caggie Dunlop
 So although she left the show this series, she will always be my favorite cast member. Her hair is beautiful and although I suspect it is probably dyed, looks very natural and not at all fake Her hair is quite layered with the longest being about APL length and the shortest at chin length. This helps give her hair more volume and movement. Naturally it hangs with a slight wave as show in the picture but it also looks good when curled.

2. Gabriella Ellis

  I'm actually a fan of dip dyed hair but even I have limits. What was she thinking. In the first photo she looks like someone has attacked her hair with felt-fit pens and in the second like a wicked witch about to fly away on her broomstick back to crazy land. You have to admire her for being so creative and interesting with her hair, it does match her personality: completely crazy, loud and over the top. However, it is, well, ridiculous. 

3. Cheska Hull

So Cheska's hair is more obviously dyed blonde and throughout the show she does often have noticeable roots which is a major pet peeve of mine. However, I do admit that the blonde suits her. I like her hair as it is shown in the picture with a slight wave to it. In some episodes she has it much more curly looking slightly like a poodle. The waves are much nicer.

4. Millie Mackintosh
Millie's hair is a good example of how a very simple style can look stylish and expensive. She wears her hair either straight as shown above or curled into loose waves.  Its also nice to see she has kept her natural colour of dark blonde

5. Rosie Fortescue
 Rosie's hair is long and all in one layer. It lacks volume and lies quite flat against her head. She wears it either completely straight or in loose waves as shown in the photo.

Mostly, it seems the way to copy the expensive Chelsea look is to keep it simple. Hair is sleek and glossy with long layers and usually a centre parting, styles with fringes are not usually worn in the show. Ignoring Gabriella, the most important point is to keep hair looking natural and healthy.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Gemma Collins: 8 out of 10 cats 15/06/2012

 So a couple of weeks ago, Gemma Collins from 'The Only Way is Essex' appeared on '8 out 10 cats'. While I am not a fan of her "Essex style" and found her rather annoying throughout the episode, i was impressed with the cute hairstyle she was wearing on the show (as shown above). Her hair is parted on the side with a short french fishtail braid across the top stopping at the side of her head. It is simple, very wearable and makes a nice change from the usual french braid that is used when braiding bangs. I also like how it is tied off just above the ear and allowed the fall down loose as I've found braiding the whole way down and then clipping it out the way is harder to do and often doesn't look as good. Definitely a hairstyle to try out, there is no shame in taking hair inspiration from someone from Towie...well sometimes...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Euro 2012 Hairstyles

So I have been loosely following the Euro 2012 football tournament currently taking place. While I do like football, 90 minutes is a long time to watch a game without getting bored. Hence why I have started rating football players based on hair. Here are some of the most memorable hair cuts i have so far observed:

1.Fernando Torres

So, I've always had a soft spot for Torres. Mostly due to the fact he dyes his hair blonde and wears girly headbands while he plays. I was disappointed when he moved to Chelsea and let his hair grow back brown. Since redyeing it blonde, it seems he has re-found some of his previous form. Proof that blonde is always better. Rating 8/10

2. Andy Carroll / Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Surprisingly I have been seeing a large amount of footballers in euro 2012 with ponytails e.g. Andy Carol and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I've never been a fan of men with ponytails. There is something weird to me about a football player running about the pitch with his hair in a ballet bun. It should never be done, just no. . Rating 3/10

3.  Petr Jiráček
 If this hair cut was designed to scare away the opposition I think its working, he terrifies me at least. But honestly, I don't think he needs the long ragged locks to be scary, please cut them off..!   
Rating 1/10 

4. Cristiano Ronaldo
Blergh. Ronaldo has the hair or someone who is arrogant, over-confident and in love with himself. So I guess his haircut reflects him well. While I can't stand him, his hair isn't too bad, if a little over gelled. Rating 6/10

5.  Mario Balotelli

Haha, well what can I say. While this hair cut is clearly ridiculous (for obvious reasons)  it really wouldn't be right if someone wasn't sporting a platinum blonde mohawk at a major tournament.  Rating 5/10


Welcome to the start of Jen's HairReviews! After realizing I spend far too much time ranting and rating celebrities hair, I decided to start this blog as a place to vent online! Hopefully this blog will become a place for the latest hair trends, celebrity styles and general hair reviewing! Thanks and enjoy =)
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