Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Glee: The Hairstyles!

I used to love glee when it first started. Its become a little predicable and same-y over the recent series and I lost some interest in the show. However, is still entertaining and I do like the music in glee. This is post is just going to through some of the some interesting sttttyles. Here is a good review of the recent glee episodes!

1. Will Schuester
 This inspiration for this post came from the fact that Sue makes so many jokes about Will Schusters hair. I when I say so many I really mean it. I think we get about 1 different one per episode.
My favourites:
"Oh William I wouldn’t dare lean on you, there’s so much grease in your hair I'd probably slide right off."
 "I just lost my train of thought because you have so much margarine in your hair..."
"Hey, buddy. Get a haircut. It looks awful."

According to this article I found though, the actor playing Will, Mathew Morrison, doesn't actually use product on this hair. I have to admit though, It never looked like he ever had much gel or anything in his hair to me while watching the show.
I love that sue makes jokes about his hair, reminds me of me, if someone has bad hair they deserve to be made fun of.  Having said that, personally I don't think Wills hair is THAT bad, Its not great but its not embarrassingly bad. I think I'm just not a fan of how short and curly it is. Its also an annoying colour, that shade that doesn't really seem to have a name. Its a brown with coppery-blonde tones in it so it changes colour between dark brown and dark blonde depending on the light. How annoying.

2. Quinn Fabray
 Quinn was created  to be the pretty popular one on glee, at the start on the show she was shown to be quite bitchy but over the series we see a much softer side to quin. She is leader of the celibacy club, which is reflected in how she looks. her hair is long and blonde but also simple and conservative. She also often braids her bangs across the top of her head to give a cute braided style.
 In series 3 she goes a bit mental and goes all punk. This was so her best look, she looked amazing with pink hair!!! I was gutted when she changed back to her normal pretty blonde. I liked her hair better short though. It made her look a more stylish and less young.

3. Tina Cohen-Chang

 Tina has long brown hair. However at various points during the show she changes her hair various ways. She gets blue sections in her hair, either by extensions or actually dying her hair (I don't know which). I think she has also had purple sections in some episodes. Another look she has had is when she dyed he ends of her hair a slightly lighter brown in an ombre style. At some point she also get a full fringe, I don't really like this, she looks better with longer layers and a centre parting I think. The different coloured bits are quite cool as well I guess. 

4. Noah "Puck" Puckerman

I love puck, well I did until he became obsessed with Lauren the fat wrestler in season 2, I thought that story line was just a bit odd. I still like him though. His mohawk hairstyle is quite famous on glee. As a general rule, I do not like Mohawks because, well, there stupid. However, I think Puck has brought me around a little. Apparently for season 4 he has shaved it off according to this article Gutted, but he has said in the past he doesn't really like his mohawk, so its good he's finally allowed to get rid of it. :)

Thats all I am going to do for now, I may revisit Glee hairstyles at some point and talk about some of the other characters later.

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