Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Made in Chelsea: Hairstyles (Update)

Last year I did a hair review of the characters on my most favourite tv show ever - Made in Chelsea. Since then, characters have come and gone and there have been a few major hairstyles changes so I thought I would do an update. To see my old hair reviews click the following links: part 1 (the girls) , part 2 (the boys)

Francis Boulle

Not sure how I managed to leave Boulle out of my old made in chelsea reviews. He is my favourite character on made in chelsea I think. He was so adorable in series 4 with his relationship with Sophia - (WHY DID SHE LEEEAVE!). I like his awkward sense of humour and his so uncool it becomes cool style. haha. It is joked on the show about him being Ginger however his hair is not really that orange. In bright light it is a copper brown in colour but usually it just looks like a rich brown colour. He has a slight receding hairline although by keeping his hair longer it hides it a bit. His is hair is either just sort of messy or combed over to one side.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Taylor Swift: Hairstyles

Taylor swift has had many different hairstyles over her music career, I thought I'd do a bit of research into her main styles:

Curly Taylor!

Taylor was more frequently seen with curly hair in her early career. Apparently her hair is naturally curly but she often emphases her natural curls by using hair curlers. She has had hairstyles ranging from very tight ringlets to loose waves. The curls give her a romantic look especially combined with her blonde hair, fairytale looks and girly fashion. The album covers of all her first album (taylor swift until speak now) feature her with curly hair. When she has curly hair she wears her hair either parted in the centre or to the side sometimes with side sweeping bangs.