Friday, 28 December 2012

Naked Blonder Lightening Shampoo/Conditioner: Product Review

Recently I ran out of my last shampoo product - the John Frieda: Go Blonder shampoo. I really loved this shampoo, maybe more for its vibrant yellow colour and pleasant smell than the effects of its colour lightening (read detailed review here) however I have decided to try a different shampoo this time.

The shampoo that I chose was the Naked Blonder Lightening Shampoo. I was interested in this brand because the products are 97% natural ingredients and do not contain harsh detergents including sulfates. I've heard from various hair guru's and website that sulfates are EVIL so I was interested to see if I noticed any difference from a more natural shampoo. Now obviously I have a slight obsession with making my hair more blonde which is why I went for the lightening shampoo from their range. There are many different types of shampoo that they do though including strengthening, curl defining, anti-dandruff, colour protect.. etc. (see here). This time I also bought the matching conditioner. I never used to really use conditioners however I have since read that using shampoo without conditioner can be damaging to your hair so I have resolved to try using a conditioner again.

There have been some reports with this shampoo that it does not lather up very well, the bottle itself says you may have to shampoo your hair twice to get a good lather. However this is not a problem I found. It applied very easily for me - I found the shampoo felt very similar to the John Frieda go blonder Shampoo. However it does not smell quite as good as the John Frieda product and is a less vibrant yellow colour I assume due to the fact that the naked shampoo uses more natural ingredients. The conditioner I really liked. It made my hair softer and more shiny without making it greasy as was the problem I found with some conditioners before. As far as the lightening goes I can't say I've noticed a great difference again. It has kept my hair looking vibrant and bright so I am satisfied with that. As for the natural ingredients making my healthier I haven't yet noticed any difference. Honestly I'm not so sure that using "less natural" chemicals on your hair is such a bad thing however I do like the idea that I'm being kinder to my hair.

Overall I like this shampoo although maybe not as much as the John Frieda shampoo I was previously using. It did win though the "best shampoo for blondes" award in the Hair Awards 2012 (who knew they existed!) so maybe it is better after all...! The conditioner I liked more than the shampoo I think, however I will carry on using both for a while longer as overall it is a nice product and I would recommend them. I feel it is a good brand for people who are convinced by the whole "natural is better" thing.

Here is a another good review to read for more information! :)

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