Friday, 21 September 2012

Updates n Stuff

So I just updated my post about Justin Beiber vs Liam from One Direction hairstyles. This is because I was watching their new music video Live While We're Young (because I am like always update with my 1D music.. ) and I noticed there had been some changes in their hairstyles since that post. Yeah so if you want to read the update you can read the post HERE!

My other news is that I've just reached over 10,000 total page views which I thought was pretty cool. Thanks to anyone who reads my posts.
 I love reading other people's blogs so If anyone has a blog they would like me to check out just leave a link in a comment and I will take a glance!

I'm starting university next week so I'm not sure when my next proper post will be, I've got a few things drafted that I just need to finish off  before I post them so check out for them coming soon. Thanks guuuuys! :)

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