Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Made in Chelsea: Hairstyles (Update)

Last year I did a hair review of the characters on my most favourite tv show ever - Made in Chelsea. Since then, characters have come and gone and there have been a few major hairstyles changes so I thought I would do an update. To see my old hair reviews click the following links: part 1 (the girls) , part 2 (the boys)

Francis Boulle

Not sure how I managed to leave Boulle out of my old made in chelsea reviews. He is my favourite character on made in chelsea I think. He was so adorable in series 4 with his relationship with Sophia - (WHY DID SHE LEEEAVE!). I like his awkward sense of humour and his so uncool it becomes cool style. haha. It is joked on the show about him being Ginger however his hair is not really that orange. In bright light it is a copper brown in colour but usually it just looks like a rich brown colour. He has a slight receding hairline although by keeping his hair longer it hides it a bit. His is hair is either just sort of messy or combed over to one side.

Lucy Watson

Lucy came into the show last season (season 4 i think) taking the role of the group bitch. However since then she has shown that she does have emotions and is in fact loyal, truthful and really funny. She's actually become one of my favourites. So Lucy's hair is straightforward much like her personality. Its quite long and worn either in a centre part or only slightly off to one side. She has some long-ish layers round the front of her face so its not all one length which creates some movement and gives her a playful look. When she wears her hair up she often leaves some of the layers out so they frame her face. I assume her hair is naturally straight but in some episodes she does wear it in loose waves. Her hair reminds me of Rosie's hair a bit as it lies quite flat without volume but is still very glossy and sleek. There are some pictures though where she has styled her hair to be more voluminous (back combing/blowing etc.) which makes her looks more glamorous. Overall though I think Lucy doesn't need a complicated hairstyle - Her relatively simple hair gives her a natural elegance.

Ollie Locke

Since I last talked about Ollie he has gone and got all his hair chopped off. !Okay so he didn't get it all chopped off. It is still longer than the majority of the other male characters. Her wears it pushed backwards in a quiff style. Personally I think this is a much better look for him.

Fran and Olivia Newman-Young

Fran and Olivia are sisters new to Made in Chelsea in the current series 5. As of yet I still cannot tell them apart really at all. However I have heard that their hair is the easiest way. One of them has light brown hair while the other has blonde. The one with brown hair (Fran i think) always seems to wear her hair straight and it always seems slightly greasy and the ends look a bit split. Her's is definitely the worst of the two. Olivia's hair is more glamorous, usually worn with a slight curl but also a centre part.

Andy Jordan

Andy was also new in series 4. I liked him at first, then I found him a bit annoying but now I am back to liking him again. Especially since he's started skateboarding around Chelsea in some episodes. ! He has curly, quite messy hair. Occasionally he styles it so its more sleek and suave looking but ususally its just left natural. I think I do prefer it more styled though.

Louise Thompson
Louise has changed her hair quite a few times since she joined the cast in season 2.  Before it was just longer than shoulder length and all dark brown in colour. She wore it parted down the centre with a slight curl to it. However recently she has had the ends dyed a caramel blonde following the dip-dyed trend. Her hair is longer now and she seems to leave it pretty much unstyled giving her a slightly grungy look which i really like.

I might do some more made in Chelsea hair reviews soon, let me know if there are any characters in particular you would like to see!


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