Wednesday, 19 September 2012

John Frieda: Go Blonder Products Review

I've been using some of the John Frieda Go Blonder products for a while now so I thought I would review them for you.
So this is the John Frieda go Blonder spray. It comes in a small bottle as shown in the picture. The spray contains hydrogen peroxide which works like a hair bleach I guess to lighten your hair. You spray it all over damp hair and then apply heat - Thats it. The heat can be from a hair dryer or a hair straightener or both. I've heard the more heat you use the better the results. The spray very easy to use and smells nice when you spray it into your hair.

The best thing is that is actually works. I can't really show you any before and after photos because its hard to see in photos due to different lighting, but you can tell it works because when your hair grows you start to get visible roots. Its a gradual change in colour though, you may not even notice any difference after the first spray but I found after I had done it a few times my hair was noticeably more blonde. Note - I wouldn't say it was particular lighter in colour, its more that it becomes a brighter more vibrate yellow colour. I love this spray, its amazing. I've tried things like honey masks and lemon lightening before to lighten my hair but it has never been very successful for me. Whereas this really does work. The only negative is that the bottle really is very small. Its not going to last more than 5 or 6 good sprays.

The bottle claims the spray can be used for all over lightening (which is how I used to it), to create highlights or to blend in roots if you have already dyed your hair blonde. To create highlights would be very difficult and would take a lot of work to get it right so I wouldn't recomend it for highlights. However if you have dyed your already light brown/dark brown hair blonde it would be a great way to blend in your roots.

 Obviously though the spray has got hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals in which some people do not like using on their hair. It also requires applying heat to your hair which can be damaging. However, you only need to use the spray a few times so the damage using the chemicals and heat should not be too bad. Its worth it for me anyway.

This is the Go Blonder shampoo. Now I don't have the conditioner to go along with this because I don't tend to use conditioners on my hair that much so I didn't bothered buying it as well. The shampoo/conditioners are different from the spray because they don't contain hydrogen peroxide so the lightening is more gradual and it can be used as an every day shampoo.This means you are not going to notice the lightening as you do with the spray. I can't really say I've noticed any change in my hair colour from using the shampoo however, because I used the spray at the same time it would be hard for me notice if there was any change anyway. I will probably keep using it though just because of my obsession with blonde hair.

I do really like these products. Obviously they are only going to work if you have blonde hair to start with. My hair is naturally a dark blonde, its been getting darker as I've got older which is why I wanted to try these products. I've heard they may also work on light brown hair. From what I've seen, there isn't really any other products like this that you can get in a regular pharmacy. I suppose something like sun-in is similar to the spray, I am yet to try this out as there is very little sun where I live (its like permanently cold and raining in the north of England). I haven't heard too many good things about sun-in anyway.
If you don't have blonde or light brown hair, this post is pretty irrelevant to you, however there is a similar product by John Frieda for darker hair called Brilliant Brunette which claims to bring out rich, multi-dimensional brunette tones and add shine. From reviews I've seen its meant to be quite good for making brunette hair richer in colour. Have you tried any of these blonde/brunette products? Let me know what you thought of them :)


  1. Hiya!
    Due to the product being activated by heat, even when you don't apply it but blow dry / curl / straighten your hair does it still get lighter?

    1. I'm not sure exactly how it works but I think you will need to carry on applying the product each time if you want further lightening!
      I found about 3 or 4 times was enough for me, the bottle is quite small but should last quite a few spray anyway!
      good luck! :)

  2. It even works on brunette hair with highlights! Here's what my results looked like: