Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Great British Bake Off: The Hair off

I love the Great British Bake Off. Its a reality TV contest show about BAKING. The best thing about this show is how it doesn't take itself too seriously. The reason I stopped watching shows like The X factor was because how they make it feel like whether a contestant gets through or not is a matter of life and death. Also its full of annoying sob stories and dramatic over the top music. The great British bake off however lightens the mood and gives an altogether more laid back vibe with witty humour, hilarious baking mishaps ('oh no I put salt in instead of sugar'"), quirky contestants and random cut scenes of mallard ducks and squirrels. If anyone is getting too stressed they like to send over presenters Mel and Sue to have a bit of a laugh with them and mock the other contestants to chill them out.
Review of Last nights episode

Now onto the Hair.
Sue Perkins
Along with co-presnter Mel Giedroyc, Sue is pretty much the star of the great British bake-off. (incidentally Mel is not in this article due the the fact she was not in last nights episode for whatever reason... soz) They are funny, entertaining and always show the contestants that there is something to smile about no matter how bad their tarte tatin is.  Sue has a pixie hair cut and has done for the majority of her career. Its slightly stereotypical for a gay woman to have short hair but I actually really like it on her.

Mary Berry
I love Mary, she is really lovely. Along with Paul she judges the contestants baking i.e. spends the whole of the show eating cake - what a great job. She tends to be a lot nicer to the contestants than Paul though. Here I assumed she has dyed her hair a very pale blonde colour so it looks natural. Her hair smooth and silky and is quite a good length as well.

Paul Hollywood
Paul, on the other hand, is a bit of a meanie. His hair seems to have gone very grey this series. Was it always this grey..?! He has a standard short all over cut with a little bit left long at the front. He has gelled this bit up. I'm not a fan of the moustache-beard combo though. He looks more farmer than baker in this picture.

 Cathryn has spend the last 4 episodes looking terrified during all the challenges.She that sort of rabbit-in-the-headlights look about her. Although maybe she has slightly grown in confidence during the last episode. She does seem to be actually quite good and she's one of my favourites. I feel her hair makes her look a bit rag-doll-ish. Especially with her pale skin and red blush cheeks. Its cute though. She has a bob cut to chin length and then a thick side fringe

 Danny seems to have hair pretty similar to mine except its currently cut shorter. She has a slightly off-centre part here and longish layers. Don't worry she does usually tie her back when she baking.

This is one all of the place hairstyle. I'm not quite sure what is going on either. She got a thin wispy side swept fringe. The rest of the hair is cut to shoulder length, in this picture some of the hair from the front is pull back and I assume clipped (?).

Stuart got voted off this week. I mean I saw it coming (he was pretty rubbish) but I will miss him because he was so adorable - he's a rugby player who bakes! This episode he was wearing a flowery Hawaiian shirt, it was amazing. He has pretty standard male hair. Its short all over with a longer bit left at the front which is swept up.

Ryan's got pretty funny hair. The sides are short and the hair is the middle is gelled up into a peak in the middle. He possibly over gels it though, its very spike.
Or The Cardigan guy, Captain Cardigan or simple just Cardigan. I loved his cardigan alright. James is really good, he's going win - you heard it here first! Well I think he should win, he's consistently really good and seems always better than everyone else. His hair is longer and a bit more frizzy I guess but pretty ordinary.

I have a feeling Manisha might go next week, she wasn't very good this episode. Her hair is long with a side parting. I do like the flower hair clip though. Its a cute addition to spice up a tied back style.

 Or Old Guy as I have taken to calling him. He seem quite lovely. He is very well spoken and in one clip we saw him giving his cakes to all his next-door neighbors - aawww.  Obviously he has no hair so I can't really comment except to say his head is very shiny. Good head shining there. He was star baker this episode and rightly so. He was definitely the best, winning the technical challenge and everything.


He's one of my favourites. Here he is rocking the Justin Bieber fringe. He's another one who is just consistently entertaining so I hope he stays in a long time. 

If you hadn't already worked it out, this is one of my favourite shows. I watched the whole of the last series and I loved it so when this series started I knew I was going to be watching every episode. Although I don't really watch because I'm THAT into baking, it has got me into baking without me really realising it. I've already made chocolate muffins, chocolate brownies and chocolate mint slices (yeah I'm a chocoholic). I guess its like Top gear in the way that a lot of people watch top gear who are not really into Cars, people can watch the Great British Bake-off who are not really into baking. Its true, I managed to convert my brother to be a fan and he knows absolutely nothing about baking. I would so recommend watching it, even if its just for the comedy moments.


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  3. Love the hair reviews! However Mel's got the best do!! Literally found your site only because I was googling for her hairstyles!