Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tulisa: Blonde vs Brown

So Tulisa from Ndubz has in the last few years become all famous due to her becoming a judge on the x factor. She was also voted the "worlds sexist women" for whatever reason. More importantly she has recently dyed her hair blonde in contrast to her previous dark brown hair. Which is better, well lets see.

Brown Hair
These picture below show Tulisa with brown hair. The first is a lighter brown and the second is a much darker brown. I assume naturally her hair is a sort of medium brown.  Personally I prefer the paler more caramel brown shades she sometimes has as these seems to go better with the fake tanned skin.


The shade she has chosen, basically, is just too light and contrasts terribly with her tanned skin. It doesn't seem to suit her face at all, its like she wearing a really ugly wig. Does she really think it looks good?! She would look better with a darker less platinum blonde so the reason she chose this particular shade confuses me.  The only reason I can think is she fell down the trap of wanting to go as blonde as possible without considering what shade she can actually pull off. (Its not this one)

The verdict is: Tulisa please dye your hair back brown!

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