Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympics: Day 5&6 selection

The Olympics have been going on for a while now and I have become addicted as usual. Obviously the best moment for me was seeing Bradley Wiggins win gold as he is just the coolest person. The other highlight of the games for British viewers has to be the Ian Thorpe commentary in the studios and his hilarious pairing with Gary Lineker and Clare Balding. I love it - nice to have some comedy in between events.  Anyway, I haven't had chance to post about any hairstyles I have spotted until now but yeah, so here a selection of hairstyles spotted by me from days 5&6. As you will see they are all from Women's gymnastics and Athletics.

So this gymnastic has what looks like small braids going back into a bun. The interesting part though is the fact she has some how coloured each section. It was really hard to see how she coloured them but i thought it was really fun and interesting.

*sigh* So many gymnastics seem to have their hair like these. And by this I mean wearing more hair clips than they have space on their head. Yes a few clips is fine but there is no need to wear about 20 clips. I spotted excessive hair slides on so many other gymnastics. Its popular.


This is interesting. It looks like the hair is taken in sections from the front and then twisted back and pinned to the head. It seems a complex way to wear your hair for a sport event but whatever works for her. She has also dyed her hair platinum blonde which looks alright actually but the way she has section her hair makes her roots show quite obviously.

This one I really liked. She has also taken her hair in sections at the front but she has braided hers instead of just twisting them. I think it looks a bit more tidy than the twisted version and is a nice touch to a otherwise plain ponytail. I like the thought that these top athletes have time before competing in a major event to do their hair in a style like this.

Will try to post some more hairstyles soon. I'm enjoying the games so much I just haven't got round to posting...!!!

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