Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Truth about Dry Shampoo

Until last weekend I had never used dry shampoo before. It has always been one of those things I've never really seen the need for in every day life. Like if I forgot to wash my hair the night before and its slightly greasy I will just quickly wash it the next morning. However, last weekend I went to my first ever music festival (Leeds fest Woop Woop). Anyway so, obviously at festivals there is noway to keep clean or wash hair so I thought I'd try out dry shampoo to keep my hair from looking completely rank for 5 days.
I bought the generic Batiste original dry shampoo (the green one) with me to try out.

 I'd always assumed from the name that dry shampoo was like shampoo but without the need of water to wash it out. However, it is actually much more like Talcum powder in a can.

When you spray it, it covers your hair in a fine mist of white powder which I guess absorbs the grease n stuff from your hair. The next stage is to rub in the powder so it is no longer visible. This is where there is a problem. It is not easy to stop the powder from being visible in your hair. In the end, I found that you end up with slightly faded roots which become greyish in colour so you sort of look like your going grey. Also if you spray too much some of it will fall out your hair and you will be covered in little white flakes The bottle claims it will "boost body" but don't believe this. What is claims is added volume is actually just excessively frizzy hair. However, although it replaces greasy hair with frizz, it does banish oily roots and depending how greasy your hair was to start with, this is usually a slight improvement.

greasy hair before
right after spraying
partially rubbed in
fully rubbed in
These pictures show how much you have to rub it in to avoid looking like you've been in a snow storm or something. Also as you can see, this dry shampoo does significantly change the colour of my hair at the roots. It seems to sap the colour away making the roots look very faded and dry. In some reviews I've read people have said it is particularly bad on darker hair but these photos show how it isn't exactly good for paler hair either.

 Overall, using a dry shampoo provides a slight improvement on greasy hair, but unless you are going somewhere where you can't wash your hair then I really can not see why anyone would want to use it. Maybe the colored versions are better, but then so is actually washing your hair.

 Festival world yes, real world not really.

Heres a more postive review of dry shampoo, here is a review of coloured dry shampoo


  1. I really like this blog, so this is just in case you ever need to use dry shampoo again; judging by the photo you're using far too much. 50 seconds worth of spraying at a 10cm distance is plenty.

    1. thank you for the comment! :) I think your right, I sprayed far too much in the photos! Partly this was to make it more obviously white in the photos but having used dry shampoo a bit since writing this I have realised not that much is needed - haha!
      I wrote a little bit of an update to my views on dry shampoo here if your interested: