Monday, 25 June 2012

Gemma Collins: 8 out of 10 cats 15/06/2012

 So a couple of weeks ago, Gemma Collins from 'The Only Way is Essex' appeared on '8 out 10 cats'. While I am not a fan of her "Essex style" and found her rather annoying throughout the episode, i was impressed with the cute hairstyle she was wearing on the show (as shown above). Her hair is parted on the side with a short french fishtail braid across the top stopping at the side of her head. It is simple, very wearable and makes a nice change from the usual french braid that is used when braiding bangs. I also like how it is tied off just above the ear and allowed the fall down loose as I've found braiding the whole way down and then clipping it out the way is harder to do and often doesn't look as good. Definitely a hairstyle to try out, there is no shame in taking hair inspiration from someone from Towie...well sometimes...

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